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Dawn with Storm.

Hi Anne. I thought I would send you a picture of Storm who we bought from Alison as Abi is her dad and Jessica is her mum. Thanks for letting us come down last year to see dad, she looks a lot like him, I have many compliments about her she is so gentle natured and a great addition to our family. Regards, Dawn Kenyon.


Elizabeth with Dexter.

Hi Anne and Andy. Just thought you might like an update on our beautiful boy. He is growing very fast, must be about 3 times the size when we got him and was 15kg when we checked his weight last weekend. The relationship between him and the cats is gradually improving, our Tom cat is prepared to sit still and so isn't as much fun to chase as our little Cassie!  He is well travelled having been with us to Ulverston, Windermere, Keswick, Seahouses, Redcar and Goathland over the Christmas break. He even managed a trip to our local pub. He loves the snow but was a bit taken a back by the wind at Seahouses - he kept trying to wipe his nose with his paw - bless him! We have now attended 3 puppy training classes due to breaks over the Christmas period. He is coming along nicely. We take him everywhere with us and he has been quite content visiting our grandparents and we lost him in a Residential home as the nursing staff took him to meet the residents! We have followed the guidance on the bags with regard to his food and were pleased to see the increase at 16 weeks which came about just in time. He looks well and his coat is very glossy. We are limiting his exercise and sticking to between 10 and 20 minutes a day. We have booked a holiday for a week in Skye and he will be joining us! Anyway hope this finds you and the rest of the dogs well.

Kind regards, Elizabeth.


Ieva and Zilvinas with Aras.

Dear Anne and Andy, I would like to say a big thank you for such a nice dog. His name is Aras. He is a very good dog. Now he know how to go outside himself and do his business outside. He is very happy dog and always listening to us. He is growing so fast. We can all go outside now just for short walks. He is now 3 months old and weight 8.9 kg. Just would like to ask you  how many time per day we need to feed him and how many grams? He eats 4 times per day and a bit more then 50 gr. I have attached a few pictures of Aras. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you once again for such a nice dog.

Kind regards, Ieva and Zilvinas.


The Gaskell Family with Elsa.

Hello Alison and Hello Ann! Just a little note to say hello from Elsa and that she has had a fantastic holiday in Northumberland and has a real love for being in the sea! But wow! Don't you just love that "wet dog" smell afterwards....?! She is really growing up and her training is paying off, it's still hard work, but we see the results and can take her pretty much anywhere. You both have been such great helps to us too, with the security of having a reassuring person to speak to with any problems or worries, it is such a good feeling to know you have support there. We are aiming for our Bronze still in the KC Good Citizen scheme, working hard at that stay!!  She did a great "round" of the obtacles at the end of the last training session, working off lead surrounded by other dogs, she was a star, although a couple of moments, there was a lapse in concentration and the lure of the onlooking dogs was just too hard to resist and she went over for a good smell!, but other than that, she was absolutely superb, and even then, you couldn't really blame her for going over, what a temptation!!!!  Our trainer, Lynda is fantastic and really really pleased with Elsa's progress and says there is a rossette with Elsa's name on in! This last week on holiday, Elsa was been fantastic with our little 18 month old neice and the two of them living together for the whole week meant that they both got to know each other even more and really built on the mutual respect and also on the cuddles and kisses! Very cute.   Elsa's just this week started to go running with Brian and me, and on holiday it was perfect as she was able to do a lot of it off lead and running along side us.  The walks have been stunning along the coast and also in the Cheviot Hills and again, despite being surrounded by sheep on a couple of occassions, Elsa was brill, more interested in the toy we were playing with than rushing over at them. I know we are biased, but the breeding so obviously shines through - Elsa is really the typical GSD and we LOVE her markings and colours, she really is a credit to Jess and Arbi and of course you two.  We get so many compliments about her even though she isn't the fluffy cute little puppy bundle anymore!  Peolpe who so obviously know GSDs often comment about how nice she is, so thank you! Hope all is well with you all. Attached a couple of pics for you. Big hugs, Kate, Brian, Harry, Lizzy and Elsa (wuf!) xxx